We desire that all women know the truth that they are God's beloved daughters, created in His image, with the unique gifts of the "feminine genius" which are essential to His perfect plan. 

God chose a woman as the vessel to deliver His Son to the world, He chose a woman to first reveal the Risen Christ, and He still chooses us today to be showered with His unconditional love and to then give it away. WOW!


Through Adoration, Reflection and Fellowship, WOW's mission is to reveal to women the great treasure of their womanhood by inviting them to encounter Jesus more deeply.


WOW grew out of awareness of a need. Women need encouragement and fellowship. New data from the Diocesan wide survey “Catholic’s Checking In” and the success of the Catholic Man’s Night prompted a group of young adult women leaders of faith to create an initiative lifting up and empowering women. WOW events integrate music, adoration, prayer, keynote speakers, conversation, and fellowship. Women of all ages come together to be affirmed in their gifts of “genius.” The first WOW event was held at St Raymond's Cathedral in the Spring of 2017 with over 100 women of all ages in attendance.

Meet The Team

Venus Wozniak

St. Dennis


Sheila Stevenson

St. Elizabeth Seton


Sarah Reznicek

St. Jude


Katie Neu

St. Jude

New Lenox

Val Maty

St. Dennis


Lisa Shannon

St. Walter